An opportunity and automation assessment for a motorway service provider


Vaultex was appointed to review and improve cash handling practices at one of Britain’s leading roadside service area businesses.

The client provides popular food, coffee, retail, gaming, hotel and fuel services to its customers across 21 Motorway Service Areas.

The client was keen to understand how their current back office processes could be streamlined, particularly through the use of automation, in order to reduce their operating cost base.


  • Information gathering

    We issued an initial data request to gather all relevant quantifiable information. Following this, we visited three of the client's locations and interviewed key stakeholders to understand and review the businesses from an operational perspective, and capture qualitative information.
  • Assessment of current operation

    We assessed the quality of the current operation, both in terms of efficiency and control, scoring each of the assessed sites on a sliding scale in order to benchmark performance against industry wide standards.
  • Opportunity Assessment

    We evaluated the current operation assessment and identified potential improvement opportunities, appraising them against the benefit that would be realised and the effort to implement.

Customer Benefits

Reduced back-office hours: Potential reduction of 42% of back office counting hours through correct implementation of automation.

Removal of unnecessary tasks: Streamlining of current manual processes at both point of sale and back office.

Identification and mitigation of process risks: Increased control and auditability over end-to-end cash process.