An independent assessment of a cash management company


A company that invests in financial businesses in order to create growth funds required an independent expert to complete a technical assessment of a local cash management company in Africa.

The client needed to know if the company was a good investment, and understand the opportunities for improving growth.


  • Establishing the Benchmark

    Vaultex sent a team of experts to evaluate the cash management company’s CIT, Cash Processing and ATM services. They met with local management and visited several of the facilities across the country.
  • Developing a report

    Using this work, Vaultex produced a review of the current business, highlighting any risks and potential for improvement.
  • Growth Plan

    Vaultex Consulting provided the client with a realistic business plan, showing where investment was necessary, and the potential for return.

Customer Benefits

The information needed to make an informed decision: The client chose not to invest in the cash management company, but continued to look for other investment opportunities in the sector. They respected the range and depth of technical expertise demonstrated by Vaultex.