Developing an international multi-bank operating model


A commercial bank outsourced the cash processing at three of its cash centres – located in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Khobar – to Cash Solutions Company Limited (CSCL).

CSCL were tasked with operating these sites as multi-bank cash centres (MBCCs) – providing cash management services to the branches and ATMs of multiple commercial banks.

Vaultex was appointed by CSCL as an expert cash management consultant to design a new, efficient Target Operating Model to prepare the sites for multi-bank operations.


  • Current State Assessment Report

    We undertook site visits to all three operations and interviewed key stakeholders from CSCL and the Bank to gauge the operational challenges.
  • Target Operating Model (TOM)

    Our team designed a high-level TOM detailing how the sites would operate as MBCCs - defining the specific requirements for people, processes, technology and security.
  • Policies & Procedures

    We created detailed operational policies & procedures to support the management and running of the cash centres.
  • Audit

    Vaultex specialists completed a review of all three sites to ensure the new operations conformed to the TOM.

Customer Benefits

A new multi-bank model: An industry leading operating model.

Optimisation: Optimised processes, balancing efficiency with control and accuracy.

New Business: New revenue stream by offering commercial cash processing services to additional banks.