Helping a Central Bank reduce the cost of cash management


A major economy in the Middle East uses a segregated cash management operating model: of the 11 local banks, some have their own cash centres while others partially or fully outsource their cash operations.

The country’s Central Bank wishes to establish a new multi-bank cash centre to increase the efficiency of the cash cycle and reduce the cost of cash management.

Vaultex was appointed to identify and design the optimum operating model for the new cash centre, support the supplier selection process and provide implementation support.


  • Information Gathering

    We collected data and conducted interviews with key stakeholders and local banks to understand the key requirements.
  • Target Operating Model

    Vaultex will use the data gathered to design the optimum cash management operating model – developing a business case to validate its feasibility.
  • Detailed Requirements

    Once approved, Vaultex will further develop the operating model, including systems and equipment requirements, an implementation plan, site drawings and operational procedures.
  • Supplier Selection

    Vaultex will support production of the RFP documentation and evaluate responses from potential suppliers.
  • Implementation Supervision

    Vaultex will provide specialist support during the implementation phase and oversight during the fit-out of cash management systems.

Customer Benefits

Cost Savings: Reduce the cost of cash management.

Optimisation: Improve ATMs & ITMs availability

Quality Control: Improve the quality of banknotes in circulation.

Improved Accountability: Single point of contact with the regulator, CIT companies and with ATM/ITM maintenance companies.