Identifying $5m in cash centre savings for a global bank


A leading international bank run the largest cash processing operation in a south east Asian economy, and also act as a major note issuer.

The bank handles billions in cash annually. They also have the added challenge of a seasonally-driven increase of up to 40% of their workload during the year.


  • A research-led approach

    Vaultex immersed experts in the bank’s cash processing and CIT operations.
  • A new model

    We built a model that mapped all the processes, timings and costs.
  • TOM

    By applying global cash management best practice, Vaultex created a target operating model that met the bank’s objectives while also cutting considerable costs from the operation.
  • The right solutions

    We recommended which technology to invest in and how to select the suppliers.

Customer Benefits

Significant savings: Vaultex identified savings of $5m USD p.a. and many of Vaultex’s recommendations were implemented in the cash centre.

Implementation support: Vaultex hosted follow-up sessions to talk the client through the implementation steps required to realise the saving.