Consolidating UK cash management companies


Two cash management companies  were operating separate locations within the same geographical region. The companies’ boards believed there were similarities between the two operations, with the potential to combine operations to capture efficiencies and reduce costs.

Vaultex was appointed as an external consultant to review potential synergies between the two cash centres and deliver impartial recommendations on the optimum operating solution that supports the goals of each organisation.


  • Information Gathering

    Vaultex met with key stakeholders to gather both quantitative and qualitative information about the current operations.
  • Identify Options

    A long-list of potential options were identified and filtered to the most viable using agreed assessment criteria.
  • Appraise Options

    The short-listed options were investigated, analysed and evaluated in more detail, including building financial business cases.
  • Recommended Option

    The preferred option was recommended based on its alignment with the goals of each organisation.

Deliverables & Customer Benefits

Baseline Report: Captured and outlined the current state, including current volumes, assets, costs and CIT routes.

Detailed Options Appraisal Report: Independent recommendation of the preferred option with clear and measurable justifications.

Financial business case: £1.3m annual operating savings identified for the preferred option.

Implementation plan: Defined the workstreams and key activities required to support transition from the current state to the preferred option.