Vaultex Consulting Services

Vaultex Consulting Services was established to support central banks, cash processors, commercial banks and retailers manage cash more effectively.

Having worked with some of the leading global financial institutions, we can help companies benchmark against global best practices.

Our senior leaders have decades of combined cash industry knowledge. We can help businesses redefine their operations while maintaining a balance between security, efficiency and service quality.


reduction in a high street bank's ATM management cost

Our experience

Vaultex Consulting has developing a reputation as a leading independent expert in delivering transformational cash management projects. Vaultex has been involved in a number of significant engagements with central and commercial banks around the world.

Our clients have benefitted from reduced costs and increased profits, strengthening their position in the marketplace.

Vaultex has held a strategic partnership with Cash Solutions (CSCL) in Saudi Arabia since 2015. We have completed and are working on a number of cash management and cash centre consultancy contacts with a variety of central and commercial banks and cash management companies in the Middle East.

These services include current state assessment and analysis; the design and implementation of new operating models; a training program for senior managers from commercial banks and an audit of current operations against policy and procedures.

Vaultex has also helped a UK high street financial institution effectively implement a brand new cash management system across their network. We supported the configuration and setup of the new system – designing new processes and assisting with User Acceptance Testing to ensure a smooth transition. We also provided training and user guides to staff: recommending best practice to streamline daily tasks.

We are currently working with a central bank to develop and build a brand new, state-of-the-art automated cash centre.



Vaultex developed a new property process for The Royal Mint in order to extract coins with valuable metal content. The project saved the UK Treasury over £50 million.


Vaultex is one of four members of the Bank of England’s Note Circulation Scheme which governs the processing, storage and distribution of UK banknotes.


Vaultex piloted a new white label business banking service for a consortium of three major UK banks: the first service of its kind in the UK.


Vaultex provides cash management services to some of the UK’s biggest banks, supermarkets and retailers. We handle 40% of the UK’s cash – over £125bn – every year.

Our team of consultants have decades of combined experience

Mark Tevor

Senior Strategic Consultant

Dr Anne Lewis

Strategic Consultant

Rob Evans

Client Relationship Manager

Alex Marsh

Cash Operations Consultant

Martin Gasby

Operations Consultant

Chris Banks