Why choose Vaultex Consulting Services?

Vaultex Consulting Services combines operational, end-to-end cash management expertise with extensive international consulting experience. Our senior leaders have decades of specialised knowledge covering all aspects of the cash supply chain. As part of Bank of England’s Note Circulation Scheme, we help ensure best practice in delivering wholesale cash services to the UK.

An established and reputable brand:

Vaultex Consulting Services is part of Vaultex UK, a joint venture between Barclays and HSBC, with strong links to the Bank of England and The Royal Mint. Formed in 2007, Vaultex has become one of the most successful and respected cash management companies in the UK. We draw our parent organisation’s knowledge, experience and skills.

Direct cash management experience:

Our unique selling point is our ability to draw upon the wide range of skills that exist in our cash management operation and, through Vaultex Consulting, offer those talents to our clients. We have hands-on, day-to-day experience of all aspects of cash management operations – so we preach what we practice!

Independent and impartial advice:

Because we work with a range of software, hardware and service suppliers, we’re not incentivised to sell you any particular product. We provide our clients with an impartial evaluation of the available options in their market. We have nothing to sell except our expertise.

Tailored solutions based on best practices:

We know that every business has unique challenges and requirements. We combine an innovative approach with unparalleled industry knowledge – gained from our own operation and previous worldwide consulting engagements – to remove complexity and develop tailored, best-fit solutions to meet your needs.