Cash in Transit Optimisation

Vaultex’s Cash-in-Transit Optimisation service is designed to reduce the time and costs associated with moving your cash.

About the service.

We will undertake a complimentary assessment to review your current CIT schedule, charge and service levels as well as benchmarking them against comparable industry levels. Reviewing your data allows us to use our expertise and identify the ideal schedule for your network and produce an optimised CIT model.

up to22%

typical reduction of our customer’s annual CIT bill

Our Services are Modular: meaning you can select the features that are most suitable to you and decide how much support you need from Vaultex.

Our Approach

Our CIT Optimisation service is made up of 3 modular features:

Schedule Optimisation:

We create the new fixed schedule, taking into account seasonality and any products that necessitate bank branch services and we estimate the annual cost for CIT services where the new schedule is to be implemented.

Implementation Plan:

We provide our recommendations for implementing the new CIT schedule.

CIT Health Check:

We assess your current service levels and charges compared to industry benchmarks and report our initial findings and recommendations.

Benefits and Efficiencies

At Vaultex, we manage over
260,000 CIT services annually.

Vaultex identified a 15% reduction in branch CIT services and a 22% reduction in ATM replenishment services.

Vaultex reduced CIT services by 18%
for a large independent retailer equating to
£180,000 per annum.

Health Check

We are highly confident in our ability to identify material savings for you.

Therefore we offer a complimentary, no obligation assessment that will pinpoint opportunities for operational benefits. If you choose to proceed, Vaultex have a flexible approach to pricing. If we are unable to identify achievable savings that exceed our charges, there is no charge.