Cash Management Optimisation

Vaultex’s Cash Management Optimisation service is designed to help you find efficiencies within your end-to-end cash cycle.

About the service.

Focusing on three key areas that optimise cash management, people, process and technology, we assess your end-to-end cash operation identifying fully considered improvement opportunities that focus on viable efficiency savings and enhanced controls.

Cash Management Health Check

We will undertake an initial, high level assessment of your current operation, scoring each of the assessed sites on a sliding scale in order to benchmark performance against industrywide standards.

Our Approach

Our Cash Management Optimisation service includes 4 service features:

Opportunity Assessment

If you decide that you want to move forwards, we will map out your current end-to-end processes and present our observations with a Target Operating Model and a full list of recommendations.

Process & Procedures Design

We will test the revised cash handling procedures based on our recommendations and standardise the operating model across your business.

Cash Automation High-Level Business Case

We will identify which cash automations solutions would be suitable for your business and determine whether there is a viable business case for automation.

Cash Automation Implementation

If cash automation is right for you, we can help you integrate the technology into your operation – including supplier selection, process design, project management, installation and training.

Hamleys – A success story

The world famous toy retailer Hamleys approached Vaultex to complete a business case for cash automation technology. This would remove the cash office function and improve control over their losses and forgeries.

After completion of the project Vaultex identified net savings of £15,000 per annum per store.