Innovation and Sustainability at Vaultex: Reducing Single Use Plastic.

Two of the key pillars of Vaultex are innovation and environmental sustainability. Tackling the adverse impact of single use plastic has become one of the most important priorities in our work.

Our innovation team has developed a unique machine box technology in note processing, which replaces plastic wrappers and straps used to pack notes in cash centres. This will save approximately 4 million plastic bags and 9 million metres of plastic straps which equated to a 50% reduction in waste in 2020 in the UK cash centres.

The new boxes also improve efficiency with fewer instances of plastic wrappers being caught in machinery. Alongside the important environmental impact that plastic reduction has, these new boxes have enabled the business to make material savings and are now in place in all our cash centres.

Cheryl Mosley, Head of Production Planning at Vaultex said: “We are constantly innovating and working on finding ways that both improve efficiency across the cash processing cycle and modernise our working processes.”

Single use plastic is one of the most detrimental issues that face the environment and Vaultex is committed to improving its plastic use and reducing waste. The new machine boxes are a vital step towards this goal, and the financial saving will be an added benefit to all our clients.